If you’re new to Pilates or Flow Studio

Firstly, as a new client who hasn’t trained with us before you will need to book a private 1:1 session on our “Pathway to group classes” membership which costs £100 and includes three 40 minute 1:1 sessions. During these private sessions you will learn all of the basic exercises through both demonstration and explanation. Attention will be given to your technique and any modifications that might be appropriate to you. These sessions also give the teacher a chance to get to know you and how your body moves which means we are able to help you further I the group classes. Most people and especially beginners will require at least 3 private sessions to gain familiarity with the sequences but if you and your teacher decide you are ready to join the group classes after just 1 or 2 then the remainder of your balance will be used towards to your group class membership.